Head to Heart

Head to Heart

The Trinitarian Spirituality course will train the participants in how to integrate critical biblical truth (Trinitarian Spirituality) into their instincts and emotions and as a result, into their family life and relationships. This will be done by first exploring how the Fall, culture, and family background has influenced our perspectives, emotions, and instincts. As the student learns what those effects are, they will begin to understand and experience how to transition from that background into an emotionally healthy participation in God’s new family, the Body of Christ. The goal of the course is to be able to give a positive answer to the three following questions:

  • Are you experiencing your union with Christ in relationship to the Father?
  • Are you experiencing the Father’s affection and responding with delight?
  • Are you sensing the fruit of the Spirit in your life as you relate to the Father through Christ?

This experience will be in the context of a small group for 22 sessions. Other resulting benefits will be learning how to establish an effective small group, how to integrate biblical spirituality into instincts and emotions, and how to develop the relational skills for a healthy relational life.

Date:28/10-2/11 (Mon to Sat) , 4-5/11 (Mon to Tue)


Venue:Saddleback Church (500 Tung Chau St., Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon)

Lecturers:BWGI tutors

Course Fee: HK$1,200 (CB Church & Saddleback Church members HK$960), Audit HK$750 (CB Church & Saddleback Church members HK$600)

Textbook & AV materials: HK$640 (Discount to GBS students HK$530)

On-line Registration:

Registration fee please issues cheque in favour of “Conservative Baptist Chinese Ministry Society Limited”

or deposit to Hang Seng Bank account no.: 254-436645-001 (Please send us the pay-in slip for record)

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