Pastoral Epistles I

Pastoral Epistles I

Course Description

This course will focus on the interpretation of 1 Timothy with an eye toward explaining it to other teachable believers. Special attention will be given to doctrinal themes, church leadership qualities, church practices, and discipleship principles found recorded in the pages of this epistle. The Pastoral Epistles are part of God’s inspired Word for His Church. These churches are a biblical model of faithful ecclesiology worthy of our modeling in today’s cultures.

1.5 Credits

Course Objectives

1. Acquaint students with the historical background of the Pastoral Epistles.
2. Nurture a respect and love for God’s Word.
3. Model a fundamental hermeneutic in exegeting the Pastoral Epistles.
4. Enable students to teach a 20-minute class on a portion or topic from 1 Timothy.
5. Evaluate your church’s expected leadership qualifications and those described in 1 Timothy.
6. Apply the doctrinal and ethical emphases of the Pastoral Epistles to contemporary life situations.

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