Theology of Romans

Theology of Romans

Theology of Romans course will give the student an easy to understand approach to Romans and a unique outline of the Book. Further, the student will have a clear picture of the relationship of Law and Grace. But best of all, the student will learn how to experience the life of the Trinity.

The spiritual goals of Theology of Romans:

  • Setting the heart free from the overwhelming feeling that we are guilty, worthless, and spiritually orphaned.
  • Setting the heart free to enjoy our relationship as real adult sons and daughters in God’s family (not based on performance and lasting forever).
  • Setting the heart free to experience genuine and lasting motivation to live the Christian life and to reach out compassionately to others.

3 Credits,(Compulsory)

Date:28/10-30/10, 1-2/11, 4-6/11/2019


Venues:Saddleback Church (500 Tung Chau St., Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon)

Lecturers:Dr. David Eckman and BWGI tutor

Course fee: HK$1,200 (CB Church & Saddleback Church HK$960),Audit: HK$750 (CB Church & Saddleback Church HK$600)

Textbook: HK$110 (Discount to GBS students HK$90)

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