Associate of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies (AABS)

Associate of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies (AABS)

To provide an undergraduate level education and degree for those desiring a deeper understanding of the Bible, Theology, and Ministry.

The students will:

1. Integrate Trinitarian spirituality into their instincts and emotions.
2. Acquire basic skills to understand the meaning of scripture.
3. Understand the basic contents, themes, and relevance of each book of the Bible.
4. Develop practical ministry skills in Leadership, discipleship, counseling, worship and mentoring.

1. Saving faith in Jesus Christ.
2. Baptized for 2 years or more.
3. Recommended by their local church.
4. High school graduate with HKDSE certificate or above.
5. Adult candidate with 5 years working experience, age over 35 or works in church ministry, pass the entrance test and interview.

Total 84 Credit hours, 28 Courses
Spiritual and Personal Foundation
Theological and Historical Foundation
Becoming What God Intended3Systematic Theology (I,II,III,IV)12
Head to Heart3Christian Ethics3
Theology of Romans3Western Church History3
Biblical Foundation
Ministry Foundation
Interpreting the Bible3Practicum and Mentoring I3
Old Testament Theology or Survey3Practicum and Mentoring II3
Old Testament Courses (Select 5)
Book of Genesis
Book Deuteronomy
Book of Isaiah
Book of Psalms
Open Electives
Book of ProverbsElective I3
Book of DanielElective II3
Book of ZechariahElective III3
New Testament Theology or Survey3Elective IV3
New Testament Courses (Select 4)
Gospel of John
Gospel of Mark
Book of Acts
Book of Ephesians
Pastoral EpistlesI
Pastoral Epistles II
Book of Revelation

Course fee:

  • Hong Kong Dollars Four Hundred (HK$400)

Special price for CB Church member:

  • Hong Kong Dollars Three Hundred Twenty