Master of Arts in Christian Studies (MACS)

Master of Arts in Christian Studies (MACS)

Master of Arts in Christian Studies (MACS)

To provide a graduate level biblical and theological foundation for various kinds of Christian service for leaders who desire training for more effective ministry within their church or organization.

The student will:

1. Integrate Trinitarian spirituality into their instincts and emotions.
2. Acquire the skills to understand accurately the meaning of Scripture.
3. Understand the contents, themes, and relevance of each book of the Bible.
4. Develop practical ministry skills to serve effectively in local church ministry.
5. Engage effectively the theological challenges of our world.

1. Saving faith in Jesus Christ,
2. Baptized as a believer for 2 years or more.
3. Recommended by their local church leadership.
4. Earned a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited university.
5. Satisfactorily pass English and Bible entrance examinations.

Total 84 Credit Hours, 28 course

Spiritual and Personal Foundation
Theological and Historical Foundation
Head to Heart(3)Systematic Theology I(3)
Becoming What God Intended(3)Systematic Theology II(3)
Theology of Romans(3)Systematic Theology III(3)
Self-Awareness(3)Systematic Theology IV(3)
Research and Writing
Western Church History(3)
Graduate Research and Writing(3)
Leadership and Ministry
Biblical Foundation
Choose one(3)
Hermeneutics(3)      Leadership
Old Testament Theology(3)      Church Management
New Testament Theology(3)
Pentateuch(3)Practicum I(3)
Old Testament History I(3)Practicum II(3)
Old Testament History II(3)
Poetic and Wisdom Books(3)Elective (3)
Major Prophets(3)
Minor Prophets(3)
Synoptic Gospels and Acts(3)
Pauline Epistles I(3)
Pauline Epistles II(3)
Hebrews and General Epistles(3)
John, Epistles of John and Revelation(3)

Course fee:

  • Hong Kong Dollars Four Hundred per credit (HK$400)

Special price for CB Church member:

  • Hong Kong Dollars Three Hundred Twenty per credit (HK$320)
On-line enrollment:

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